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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Flanny's Any Flavour Bolognese Sauce

Before I do the usual layout, I have to say that this is my basic sauce and it tastes just like the top brand jar versions.

This one is extra garlic and onion, if you want mixed peppers half the onion and garlic and add whatever coloured pepper you like, red and yellow make it summery, green makes it rustic, cook the peppers when you cook the onion.

If you want a hot sauce add some chilli flakes or powder, if you like it really hot add some deseeded and chopped red chilli, add the chilli when you add the sweetener, garlic and mixed herbs.

For a Red (original) day, as below, use very lean minced beef, if you only have lean beef then check the syns.

For a Green day , for me it has to be quorn, but to be honest by packing it with the onion and peppers, it's filling in itself.

The point is it's easy to make and you can do anything with this sauce because it's so basic.


250g very lean minced Beef
500g Passatta
2 Onions
1 tspn of Garlic Granules
1 tspn of Mixed Herbs
1 tspn of Artificial Sweetener
Fry Light
Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper


Peel and chop the onion.

Heat a dry frying pan, when hot add the minced beef to the frying pan and cook until all the mince is brown (no pink), break down with a spatula so that the mince isn't clumpy. Once cooked put the mince to one side in a bowl, use a spoon with holes so you leave the fat behind.

Wipe the frying pan with kitchen roll and spray the frying pan with Fry Light. Fry the onions until they are tender. Add the passatta to the frying pan and stir, add the mixed herbs, garlic granules and artificial sweetener, turn up the heat and stir, make sure that the mixture doesn't boil or splash.

Add the minced beef and continue to stir, taste the sauce to see if it's to your taste, if too bitter add a bit more sweetener.

Turn off the heat and put the pan to one side for half an hour, this let's the ingredients blend and releases the flavours from the herbs and garlic.

Return to the heat and once near boiling serve. Make sure if you eat this with pasta or bread that you add your syn values.

Sauce sin value per serving:

Red Day - with Beef - FREE
Green Day with Quorn - FREE

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