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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sweet and Sour Pork


For the Stir Fry

1lb/454g Pork Fillet
1 large Carrot or 2 small Carrots
1 small Green Pepper or half a large Green Pepper
1 small Red Pepper or half a large Red Pepper
2 circles of fresh Pineapple
A handful of Water Chestnuts (optional)
1 small Onion
Fry Light

For the Sauce

142ml /Quarter of pint of Chicken Stock
8tbsp Tomato Passatta Sauce
2tbsp Rice Vinegar
2tsp Corn Flour
2tbsp Artificial Sweetner
3tbsp Light Soy Sauce
2tbsp Dark Soy Sauce


Peel and chop the onion, peel the carrots and chop into strips/batons/julienne, wash, deseed and chop into strip the green and red pepper. Cut the pineapple rings into pieces, drain your sliced chestnuts and finally slice your pork fillets into thin strips and that's the stir fry ready.

Take a saucepan, fill with water and bring to the boil, turn off and the carrot strips. Leave the carrot in the hot water until they are slightly tender, then drain, this takes off the raw bite of the carrots when you eat them (known as Blanching).

Take a saucepan and add the passatta, the chicken stock, the rice vinegar, artificial sweetner and the two types of soy sauce, stir to combine. In a cup add 1tbsp of water to the cornstarch and mix together, add this to the sauce as it heats, this will thicken the sauce, continue to stir. Once boiled bring to a simmer.

Next take a wok or frying pan and spray with Fry Light, when the pan is hot add your pork strips and fry, toss the pork around so that it evenly cooks, add the carrots, onion, chestnuts, peppers and pineapple and continue to stir the ingredients.

Get the bowls ready, once the stir fry is cooked divide into portions and then spoon over the sauce. This dish can be served with rice or noodles (don't forget the added sins).

Sin Value - Red Day 2 sins (cornflour 1 level tsp = 1 sin)

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